· Live Sale Date - December 9th
· Time - 10AM Noon to 10PM (Central Time)

· We will post around 7 corals every 5 minutes and $1 or above throughout the sale. There will be a link under each picture which will then bring you to our website where you can complete your purchase.

Please Note: To keep things consistent and fair, you must purchase any coral $20 or above to purchase a coral $15 and below.

Please note: If this rule is not followed, we will have to issue a refund and repost the discounted corals.

· We will give you 1 free raffle ticket for each purchase as a thank you. (For example, if you buy 12 corals, you will earn 12 raffle tickets.)

· Post your “Check-ins” each hour for all 12 hours to qualify for 1 additional raffle ticket.

· We will post the raffle winners within the week following the live sale.

· There will be tons of giveaways which will include more than $1000 of free coral!

· All purchases must be made through the website and you must have an AcanLord account prior to purchasing. Guest checkout will be unavailable.

· In order to ship successfully, a shipping module must be purchased for $39.99. This applies to ALL orders, no matter the order total.

· In the rare event that you purchase a shipping module and don’t purchase a coral, we will happily issue a refund.

· Shipping modules will represent the date of shipping and not arrival date. (There are a limited number of ship outs on each day, so preorder to secure your ship date.) If a shipping module is not purchased, we won’t know what day to ship your order.

· We cannot be held responsible for shipping carrier delays which are out of our control. Therefore, we will not issue refunds due to these delays.

· All orders will be backed by our live arrival 10 day guarantee.

· All sales are final. No refunds.

· We will not combine orders for different people. Your payments should share the same email at checkout.

· Any orders placed after the sale can be combined with your live sale order. Please contact us ASAP so you don't miss your scheduled shipment.

· No additional discounts, coupons, or certificates apply.

· We ship only within continental US.

FREE LOCAL PICKUP! Please arrange a time with us to pickup your items so we can keep our orders organized.

· In order to make it a fair process, the first person to successfully complete their payment transaction will win the items in their cart. If your item is added to the cart, it is not secured until the payment is confirmed.

· Please do not pm us via R2R. They will not be replied to during the live sale. Please email us and we will respond to any concerns immediately.

· NOTE: Please remember to treat your fellow R2R family members respectfully, and be mindful of the many younger reefers viewing these threads. Vulgar language, slandering, and degrading behavior will not be tolerated. 

Most importantly, let’s remember why we got into this hobby and have a ton of fun, laughs, and collect some sweet new animals for our tanks!

Click HERE to purchase your shipping module!