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AcanLord is a privately-owned family company located in Hudson, WI.

We specialize in beginner, expert, and rare species of saltwater corals. We also have a variety of saltwater fish, different types of food, salt, and many other aquarium items.

We propagate and grow corals out in our own systems several weeks before you get them to ensure that you only get the healthiest
specimens. If it's not healthy, then we don't sell it!
AcanLord's sole purpose is not only to deliver you the largest assortment of corals, but also the best possible quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to satisfy you with products that go above and beyond to beat your expectations. If at any point you feel we did not deliver above and beyond your expectations, call or email us and expect a prompt reply because you are our most valuable asset, and we appreciate your business. Please feel free to call us for any reason!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us!

Happy Reefing,
Stephen Sheldon

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